It's interesting that Lee Cockerell, former Executive Vice President, Walt Disney World Resort sees our book as a "go-to resource for creating magic for your customers". Lee comes from a company where most customers are members of the public. They aren't buyers and specifiers choosing B2B suppliers. And yet, Lee can see that although business environments have their differences, creating magic customer experience is all about company culture. It also requires structure.


In a business to business environment relationships are critical. One customer can feel let down by the experience while another believes the supplier is superb. The aim is to deliver excellent customer experience to each and every customer. Our book shows how to do this. It explains the six foundations of great B2B customer experience – commitment, fulfilment, seamlessness, responsiveness, proactivity and evolution.


Building on these foundations it shows how brands and the 4Ps are used to develop a customer experience strategy. 


Great customer experience is all about achieving the right emotional response. The book shows how little, often unexpected things, can make a big difference. Our focus is on the culture and structure of customer experience strategies.

And we are proud that our book has been nominated as an entry in Business Book Awards 2019.

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