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The Book.

Create magic for your business.

b2b customer experience book

A Practical Guide to Delivering Exceptional CX.

It's interesting that Lee Cockerell, former Executive Vice President, Walt Disney World Resort sees our book as a "go-to resource for creating magic for your customers". Lee comes from a company where most customers are members of the public. They aren't buyers and specifiers choosing B2B suppliers. And yet, Lee can see that although business environments have their differences, creating magic customer experience is all about company culture. It also requires structure.


In a business to business environment relationships are critical. One customer can feel let down by the experience while another believes the supplier is superb. The aim is to deliver excellent customer experience to each and every customer. Our book shows how to do this. It explains the six foundations of great B2B customer experience – commitment, fulfilment, seamlessness, responsiveness, proactivity and evolution.


Building on these foundations it shows how brands and the 4Ps are used to develop a customer experience strategy. 


Great customer experience is all about achieving the right emotional response. The book shows how little, often unexpected things, can make a big difference. Our focus is on the culture and structure of customer experience strategies.

b2b customer experience 2nd edition book

The second book.

Five years passed since we penned the book and we are pleased to say it sold well.  Our publisher asked us to write a second edition. We were uncertain as to whether the subject merited a second edition. The theory and practice of customer experience surely hasn't changed a great deal over five years. But, the more we thought about it the more we realised that there is much to talk about. Some things have changed.


Technology continues to advance and touches every aspect of customer experience – sometimes in a bad way by removing human interfaces and sometimes in a good way by speeding up service and making it more convenient. This definitely deserves further discussion.

More stories.

We also know the importance of stories in the world of customer experience. They tell us how people get it wrong and crucially how they have successfully implemented a CX program. Our second edition has more stories.


Perhaps the most important spur for the second edition is our belief that this is still a subject that requires management attention – especially among leaders of large companies. Research we have carried out over the last five years tells us that little has changed. A small number of companies are exemplary in delivering amazing CX. By far the majority say it is important but frankly do little about it. These companies that say they are devoted to customer experience replace their receptionists with automated answering services. They have inadequate customer service desks that require you to wait in a phone queue for an hour before being told there is no solution to your problem.


What confounds us is that delivering exceptional customer experience isn’t complicated. We know it is hard work but the rewards are significant. Great customer experience builds loyalty. Loyalty lowers the cost of serving customers and provides a secondary sales force of people who sing a company’s praises. Without exception, companies that deliver great customer experience build sales and profits.

The second edition is available on Kogan Page’s website.


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Thank you for your support.

nick and paul hague

Meet the authors.

Nick has dedicated the past two decades to crafting innovative strategies for enhancing customer satisfaction across diverse industries. His expertise has earned him recognition as one of the foremost figures in the field of customer experience. Additionally, he hosts the esteemed "World's Greatest Business Thinkers" podcast.
Paul is widely regarded as a thought leader across market research, customer experience, and branding domains. He has authored influential publications and guided organisations worldwide on the best strategies for delivering excellent customer experience.

Book reviews.

“This book brings the world of B2B CX to life with case studies and data.  It’s filled with powerful insights that can help B2B companies improve their customer experience”

Peter Weinberg

Head of Development, B2B Institute/LinkedIn

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