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Experience & Practical Advice

I have spent a lifetime asking buyers and specifiers in business "Why did you choose this supplier?", "What would make you switch to another company?", "How could this company improve its offer to you?" This has provided a huge stock of examples of how to improve customer experience.


We know every company seeks to deliver excellent customer experience. But experiences are inconsistent and disjointed in B2B companies.


Our book shows how to build the very best customer service in a B2B organisation. We discuss the foundations of good customer service, the strategies that deliver great customer service, and the small but important tactics that will make your customer experience truly exceptional.

Oh, and while I have you, can I interest you in my latest book that will hit the bookstalls in January 2019?  It is called The Business Models Handbook and it contains 50 of the most useful frameworks for analysing business problems - from Ansoff to Value Net.


Storyteller at Heart

We are hard wired to listen to stories. Stories put things in context. They have characters, morals and make things colorful. Which means they enliven interest. I've always enjoyed conjuring up stories and our book is full of them.


In preparation for the book I interviewed dozens of business people to find out their stories. These are shared in the book. They provide superb examples of how people are delivering the very best (and sometimes not the best) customer experience.


I was delighted to be named as a Top 10 CX Influencer in 2023 by Customer Experience Magazine (CXM) for the 4th year running.

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning."

 - Albert Einstein - 

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