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We would like to stay in touch with a newsletter and offers.

  • What is the most important word in the customer experience vocabulary?
    Actually, there are two words - "Thank you". Those two little words aren't used enough and when they are they have a huge impact.
  • What are the key ingredients in a CX program?
    1. Commitment - to the customer and their satisfaction with your offer 2. Fulfilment - delivering against the promise you have made to your customer 3. Seamlessness - making sure the customer experience is joined up with everyone taking responsibility 4. Responsiveness - acting quickly because customers want a result now 5. Proactivity - thinking about what the customer wants before they know it themselves 6. Evolution - always, always seeking to improve what you do - always, always seeking to improve what you do
  • What 5 things really upset customers?
    1. Ripping them off. Make sure your price reflects real value. 2. Ignoring them. Customers are important and they know that. So deal with them quickly and courteously. 3. Not delivering on promises. It is better to under sell and over prove every time. 4. Getting things wrong. They like you to get their order right. They want you to remember their name and get that right (because it shows you think they are important). 5. Being passed from pillar to post. This shows that no one is taking responsibility and you are not committed.
  • How do I win back lost customers?
    1. Acknowledge mistakes when they have been made. 2. Keep in touch with the customer. Keep asking about their needs. Be there for when they need you (which one day they will). 3. Make a new offer +1 (the plus 1 means adding something that the customer does not expect).

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