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Why are half of corporate companies failing to deliver great CX?

What is so difficult about building great customer experience? It surely isn’t that complicated.

It isn’t complicated. Six pillars need to be in place. A company must be committed, it must fulfil what it has promised, and it must do so seamlessly and quickly. If a company can be proactive, and anticipate customers’ needs, so much the better. And finally, it should constantly be thinking about how it can improve. These are the six pillars:

1. Commitment

2. Fulfilment

3. Seamlessness

4. Responsiveness

5. Proactivity

6. Evolution

All these things are obvious and a company should be doing them as a matter of course. Why is it therefore that over half of the B2B corporate companies we interviewed around the world say that they fail on every one of these pillars.

We have been banging on about customer experience now for over four years. Four years ago we wrote B2B customer experience. A practical guide to delivering exceptional CX. . However, it seems that our job is not done. Perhaps it never will be. We don't need to tell you how many companies are failing in delivering customer experience because you will be suffering their inadequacies every day.

We will continue with our mission. We think you might like to listen to a podcast in which we rant about the failures of large corporates and make some suggestions as to some simple things that would fix their shortcomings.

We will continue to share our latest thinking on this blog. And we have just gone to press with the second edition of our book: B2B customer experience. If you're interested, take a look at a description of the book on this website. If you do decide to buy, we are currently offering a 20% discount from our publisher, Kogan Page.


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