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How 7 Industrial Companies Achieved High Customer Experience Ratings through 7 Key Factors

If you ask Google to give you examples of B2B companies with excellent customer experience scores you will find that more than half the nominations are companies offering software as a service. These companies are relatively new on the B2B map. They put a premium on customer service and their products are designed to save customers time and money.  No wonder they are much liked. However, you will not have heard of them.


Many readers of this blog work in more traditional B2B fields, possibly marketing products better described as “industrial”. Let's look at some companies, which most of us have heard of, and that are exemplary in delivering great customer experience.  We nominate 7 as paragons we can learn from:


·         Caterpillar

·         Siemens

·         Schneider Electric

·         General Electric (GE)

·         Rockwell Automation

·         3M

·         Emerson Electric


These companies share a good deal of common ground in the way they achieve excellent customer experience scores. Here is how they do it.


1. They all offer comprehensive solutions and, in so doing, they understand customer needs. This is reflected in their offers. They provide innovative and technologically advanced solutions and so set themselves apart from the competition. Although the mainstay of each of the companies are physical products, around a fifth of their revenue and an even greater proportion of profits now comes from associated services – guarantees, training, consulting, and servicing.

2. All the companies are global. Their global presence, with extensive networks, enable the companies to provide timely and efficient support to customers, regardless of their location. Their size gives customers a sense of assurance.  If anything goes wrong or needs attention, these companies are big enough to provide it, wherever it is required.

3. Training and education programs for customers and partners are critical for all these companies. These programs ensure that customers have the knowledge and skills to operate, maintain and optimise the products and systems they have purchased.

4. Customer collaboration is a keynote for these companies. They actively engage with their customers, understanding the challenges that they face and working closely to meet their specific needs. There is nothing more important to a customer than the knowledge that their supplier understands them.

5. Sustainability. All customers want a suitable product at the right price in the right place. Nowadays they also want to know that what they are buying is environmentally responsible. Global companies with a huge reputation are all eager to commit to sustainability.  This is taken seriously by the seven companies that top our superlative customer experience league.

6. Strong branding. In their own field, each of these leading industrial companies is well known. They have strong brands and strong brands give customers comfort.  The brands stand for something; they have values that are prized by customers. When someone is in the market for large earth moving equipment, almost certainly Caterpillar will be in their consideration set. In the different industries in which the other companies play, their position as brand leaders will ensure they too are front of mind.

7. Not least, customer feedback and continuous improvement is vital to these companies. They listen to their customers and incorporate their insights into their products and services so enhancing them on a beneficial customer feedback loop.

Whatever the size of your company these seven factors are worth bearing in mind when seeking to deliver excellent customer experience. However, we shouldn't forget some of the micro drivers that are also important in delivering great customer experience. It never hurts to smile and be enthusiastic. Direct interaction with customers always helps. So does problem resolution, good communications, and offering something extra. Take a look at these in one of our other blogs -


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